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Located just 45 minutes from San Francisco, the beautiful, 17-mile Sonoma Valley is a destination sought by visitors from around the world for its wine, food, culture, and scenery, and a community loved by residents for its charm and vitality.

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Posted - 08/20/2014 11:32am
2014 Business of the Year
the girl & the fig
The Chamber is thrilled to announce that the results are in for 2014 Business of the Year.  With over 150 votes, the winner is... the girl & the fig!

Congratulations to the whole figgy team!  
We look forward to recognizing patron Sondra Bernstein at the 2014 TOPS/Business of the Year breakfast on Friday, September 26th.  Click here to reserve your seat today!

Posted - 08/13/2014 11:28am
Thank you for voting!
2014 Business of the Year voting has concluded.  The Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce will announce the winner at the end of this month.  Stay tuned!

Posted - 08/11/2014 10:32am
Vote now!
Be sure to case your vote today for the 2014 Business of the year by clicking here.

CBC_logo.pngThe Carneros Brewing Company is one of only a handful of Latino-owned breweries in the United States out of about 2,500. The microbrewery was founded by brothers Jesus, Pedro, Armando and Manuel Ceja and their families. They are Mexican-American immigrants from the states of Michoacán and Jalisco. We employ 6 employees currently but will be expanding our brewing/fermenting capacity by 600% by next month once we complete the installation of six 21 barrels fermenters.


We partner with multiple non-profit organizations in our Sonoma Valley Community such as Wheels on Meals, Boys/Girls Clubs, Teen Services, La Luz, Nuestra Voz, Sonoma School District, Sonoma Visitor Center, Sonoma Museum, etc in fundraising events to assist all our community members.


Our mission is to craft the highest quality cervezas by involving our community members and by contributing to our community and environmental needs!


We understand that in order to be successful CBC needs to be transparent and inclusive of our awesome Sonoma Valley community.

Logo2.pngPeterson Mechanical began in 1915 here in Sonoma California. Soon to be celebrating its 100th anniversary, Peterson Mechanical is a veteran HVAC and plumbing contractor serving the Greater Bay Area. Peterson Mechanical provides piping, plumbing, and HVAC installations for a variety of project types, from new construction to retrofits. You can find our work in high rise buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, laboratories, office buildings, universities, wineries, correctional institutions, kitchens, and other commercial facilities. Our union-trained tradespeople not only have the experience and training in their trades; they have learned to use today’s cutting-edge digital technology to execute the work faster and more efficiently.


Peterson Mechanical is a family-owned business which employs over 100 people. The team is strongly committed to investing in the communities we serve. We have a long history of supporting local organizations and projects, including fellow Chamber members such as Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma Valley High School, Pets Life Line, Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, Vintage Senior Center, Sonoma Community Health Center, Sonoma Valley Teen Services, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, and Sonoma Valley Hospital.


The fact that we employ a large number of employees is one of the two things that often keeps me up at night. Having 200 employees, or what I have come to think of as my "fig family," means that I can never put our company in jeopardy. I ALWAYS have to do the right thing, make reasonable and good business decisions, keep our properties clean and safe, and be a contributor to the community.  I strive to have a consistent place for our "fig family" to come to work where they are able to earn a fair wage, have a safe and nurturing place to work, and grow and to provide for their own families. Celebrating our 17th anniversary on August 22nd, the girl & the fig currently has about 200 employees. They are divided between the girl & the fig, the fig cafe & winebar, and the girl & the fig CATERS! We currently have 22 managers & chefs, many who have been promoted from within the company and have moved up in the ranks. We have over 50 employees, "fig family," that have been a member of one of our businesses for over 3 years, and 12 of those employees have been here over 10 years.

The other task is one that I share with my management team. I need to trust and empower them to make decisions that will ensure our environments to have safe and clean food that has been handled properly. This is the food that we feed hundreds of people with every day, both guests and staff.

Even though these are two very heavy responsibilities, I take great pride in knowing that we are still here after seventeen years and have worked hard and successfully through both the good and the difficult times. I certainly hope to be here in Sonoma for many more years to come.

I am proud to live in a town where some of our past "fig family" members have succeeded with their own businesses, and that I can actually support them by being one of their clients. Past "fig family" members have also gone on to other jobs, and their job at the girl & the fig assisted as a small stepping stone to advance their career.  I also take great pleasure in watching many of the young people in our community who came to dinner with their families when they were small children and teens grow up to have the opportunity to become part of the "fig family" with their first job or working in a capacity to make their own way in the world.  

Over the years, our hard work and focus has led us to be considered one of the finest destination wine country restaurants in Sonoma. the girl & the fig on the Plaza greets anywhere from 400 to 1000 guests a day. We take the time to train our staff in both our product, skill, and service techniques. We strive to maintain a friendly, caring environment that does not take our guests for granted, as well as the deep understanding that we are here to show them the best time that we can. We are proud to offer our seasonal, farm-fresh bounty to both the locals in our community and the guests that travel from all over the world. We do very little advertising, so 'word of mouth' is very important to us. 

At the restaurants, we enjoy introducing and sharing the products of our local winemakers, cheese-makers, farmers, and other producers. It is not difficult to express our fine fortune with a backyard full of such amazing talented artisans and their commitment to producing the very best product. When given the opportunity we take pride in sending our guests to the other fine businesses in our community.

Over the past five years, we have worked hard on our sustainability. We are always working towards being as green as possible, and we know that we are making a difference. We also take pleasure in farming the land behind the restaurant as well as a 2+ acre plot at Imagery winery. Here, we are not only able to understand what it takes to be a farmer, but also to teach our staff about sustainability and again offer the very best that we can to our staff and guests. We not only compost but have diverted our overall waste tremendously. Our compost goes back into the biodynamic, organic farm, and in turn we have a more nourished product. We are determined to save as much water as possible, especially in this drought desperate year, and want to make sure our guests are aware of this as well. Can we be greener? Absolutely - and that is our constant goal. 

In regards to our community involvement, this is ongoing every single day.  As part of the community, it is my personal and my business duty to do what I can, when I can. We are asked for and we give thousands of complimentary meals (gift cards) to non-profits to use as they see fit. Oftentimes, we put together a larger, more valuable experience (parties, classes, farm tours) so the non-profits can raise even more money at their auctions. I cannot really say exactly how much we have given over the past seventeen years, but I am confident that it is in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I continue to donate many hours of my personal time by being on the Board of the Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau, as I know how important our visitors are to our businesses and tax revenue for the city. We proudly continue to be named as one of the top 25 tax generating businesses in the city. Last year, I worked tirelessly to do my part to assist the Sonoma Vintners & Growers put on a financially record breaking auction that in turn helped many of our non-profits receive grant money. I value the arts in our community and feel grateful for all of the artistic diversity that we have for such a small town.  These are only just a handful of important causes, there are many, many more important charities that we need to stay on top of -- for our children, schools, health, food source, and the elderly.

I am lucky to be surrounded by many other like-minded business owners in Sonoma. We are a strong group who are willing to give, to improve, to teach, and to spread the word about all of the wonderful aspects that make up Sonoma, and I feel grateful to be connected with them.

Lastly, but equally as important, our real mission is just to make really good food and make people happy!